The Society

Torrs Hydro has been generating renewable energy since September 2008. This energy is sold to and used directly by New Mills Cooperative Food store on Church Road, New Mills with any additional electricity being fed into the National Grid. Torrs Hydro also receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for the electricity generated. The site is managed on a daily basis by a maintenance team of local volunteers with the backup of expert help as required.

Formed in 2007, Torrs Hydro is a Community Benefit Society and follows a set of rules for governance and an approved code of practice recommended by the Financial Conduct Authority. Torrs Hydro operates on a “one member, one vote” principle regardless of the number of shares held. The rules do not allow the distribution of profits on assets to the members at any time, but they do receive interest on the share capital at such rate or rates as may be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time and agreed at the AGM; the interest will be set at a level that allows the society to contribute financially to the local community through grants. Directors are appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). They are appointed for up to 3 years. The directors do not receive any remuneration for their work as a director other than incurred expenses. The society has no paid staff.

Our aims are to:
a) Help regenerate the community and environmental sustainability of the New Mills area
b) Provide an opportunity for public-spirited people and organisations to contribute financially to the community, with the expectation of a social dividend, rather than personal financial reward

Examples of the ways in which Torrs Hydro are carrying out its aims include:

  • Operating a grant system, the Torrs Hydro Community Fund, which is funded by the revenues produced by generating electricity
  • Offering regular public open afternoons and hosting visiting schools
  • Providing knowledge, experience, mentoring and encouragement to other prospective hydroelectric schemes

Society Documents

Torrs Hydro Annual Report 2023 – coming soon

Torrs Hydro Accounts 2023 – coming soon

Torrs Hydro New Mills – Rules

Torrs Hydro Data Protection Policy

Previous Years

Power generated by financial year; 1st October to 30th September.

Financial Year KiloWatt Hours (KWh) Comment
2007/08 11,111 Archie commissioned at the end of August.
2008/09 153,986 A new system, with plenty of rain.
2009/10 146,078 Wet winter and spring.
2010/11 73,513 Serious rainfall in Feb blocked inlet; clearance procedure had to be developed and approved by the Environment Agency.
2011/12 252,423 A wet year.
2012/13 84,286 Very dry year.
2013/14 147,224 Wet winter, dry summer.
2014/15 158,080 Reached the magic 1,000,000 kWh mark on April 8, 2015!
2015/16  16,090 Bearing went in Sept 2015; Archie out of action until June 2016.
2016/17 61,929 Dry autumn followed by flood.
2017/18 125,938 Wet winter and spring, dry summer
2018/19 7,455 Shut down Oct 2018 – May 2019 to remedy electrical problems
2019/20 136,113 Dry spring, wet summer
2020/21 181,384 New variable speed drive control (VSD) system Dec 2020
2021/22 28,524 Gearbox reconditioned – out of action from December through to April. Very dry summer.
2022/23 188,019 A good year with a wet summer. VSD performing well.