Signpost in the Torrs Gorge

Torrs Hydro is located in the Torrs Riverside Park in New Mills, Derbyshire. This amazing gorge is right underneath the town centre and is easily accessible by train to New Mills Newtown or Central stations, bus or car.

Enter the Torrs Riverside Park from The Rock Tavern (Wirksmoor Road, Newtown), from New Mills Central station via the Millenium Walkway, from Hurst Lea Road, via steps from the town centre at the bus station or Rock St, from Hyde Bank Road and from Church Road adjacent to the entance to the Co-Op Car Park (Endsor Way on the map).

There are great views of the scheme from the Union Road and Church Road bridges over the gorge.

If you switch the map on the left to show the satellite images (Sat button top right) and zoom in (+ button top left) you can see Torr Weir between the trees.