Power generated to the end of each financial year, Sept 30.

FY2007/0811,111 kWhArchie commissioned at the end of August.
FY2008/09153,986 kWh 
FY2009/10146,078 kWh 
FY2010/1173,513 kWhSerious rainfall in Feb blocked inlet; clearance procedure had to be developed and approved by the Environment Agency.
FY2011/12252,423 kWh 
FY2012/1384,286 kWhVery dry year.
FY2013/14147,224 kWh 
FY2014/15158,080 kWhReached the magic 1,000,000 kWh mark on April 8, 2015!
FY2015/16 16,090 kWhBearing went in Sept 2015; Archie out of action until June 2016.
FY2016/1761,839 kWhDry autumn followed by flood.
FY2017/18125,940 kWh 
FY2018/197,500 kWhShut down Oct 2018 – May 2019 to remedy electrical problems
FY2019/20136,113 kWh
FY2020/2119,562 kWhTo the end of October