• Green Power
    Our reverse Archimedes screw turbine (known as Archie) is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Sett and the Goyt. Since he started generating in the summer of 2008, Archie has produced over 1,375 MWh of clean, green electricity that is sent directly to the nearby Co-op supermarket. Any surplus is fed into the National Grid.
  • Total power produced to end Oct 2020: 1,393.8 MWh
  • Power generated in 2019/20 financial yr: 136,113 kWh
  • Power produced in Oct 2020: 19,562 kWh
  • Archie is also surprisingly fish-friendly: watch this video showing fish moving through an Archimedes screw. A fish pass has been an integral part of the site from the beginning and there have been reports of trout above the weir for the first time in decades.

  • Planning for the Future
    After 12 years, it is not surprising that Archie is showing a little wear around the edges. The Board has therefore been collecting a contingency fund to pay for some much needed maintenance. Work is currently underway to renovate the sluice gate, for example, as it has been getting a bit temperamental. We also need to update the control system to comply with the new regulations for electricity network providers and have decided to take advantage of the opportunity this presents to simultaneously upgrade the plant to variable speed operation. This will be funded by a share offering, with an additional 25,000 shares being made available to the public. Further details will be provided shortly. See October 2020 Newsletter.
  • Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited
    Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited is a Community Benefit Society incorporated in 2007. For more on the company, including the Annual Reports that describe important events in each year and each year’s Financial Report click here.

  • Community Power
    Torrs Hydro is an example of the power of communities to take action and begin to address the challenges that climate change presents to us all.   We are a community owned and community funded organisation.  For more on our community involvement click here...

  • Volunteers
    Torrs Hydro is run entirely by volunteers. Amongst them are engineers, health and safety specialists, teachers, community workers, computer whizz kids etc, etc, basically just ordinary folk with a passion for green technology. Do you have time to spare to help Archie?
    • The daily checks on the site
    • Work parties to unblock and clean up Archie
    • Show organised groups around the site (mostly Monday to Friday)
    • The administration of our Community Benefit Society (the company structure we use)
    If you are interested please contact the Secretary - secretary@torrshydro.org

Torrs Hydro and Torr Weir

Archie was shut down on Sunday 22nd November to allow our stalwart band of volunteers, Archie’s Angels, to clear everything out of the engine house to enable work to commence on the upgrades described on the left. Archie had already generated 14,117 kWh in November when we had to shut him down, so it went against the grain to shut down for two weeks with a full river, but like all good medicine if it tastes nasty, it’s probably good for you!
The work on the sluice gate was completed at the end of October (thank you LSP!), and it is now moving much more smoothly.